AAStocks QuoteWinner provides real-time market information such as Hong Kong Stocks and Futures, Hong Kong Stock Indices, World Indices and DJN News via the Internet. It also provides fundamental data of all listed companies such as 5-year annual reports and financial ratios, etc.

HK-Shares Streaming Quote
Offers real-time streaming quotes and data that give you live market visibility
Special design and layout provides the most complete market information of a stock
Bid/Ask Queue
Contains order queues below the best price along with the number of orders and shares at each price
Multi-Quote Screen
Handle and view multiple stock quotes simultaneously in a single screen
Warrants & CBBCs Quote
Real-time Warrants/CBBCs quote with terms and indicators
Futures & Options Quote
Real-time quotes for various kinds of futures and options
HK Indices
Real-time HSI quote with its major categories
Warrants & CBBCs Compass
Detailed real-time quote for Warrants and CBBCs, with an exclusive screener
Active Stocks
List of stocks with most gain/loss, highest volume, and etc
Stock Analysis
Provides detailed summary on listing companies' background, events, financial performance, and etc
Real time A+H quote
Side by side comparison for A+H shares
Technical Chart
Easy to use stock chart equipped with various analytical tools
Block Trade
Useful measurement in block trading analysis
Broker Watch
Monitor brokers' activity with ease
Investment Advice
Captures all stocks with popular bullish/bearish technical patterns
Stock Screener
Screen out stocks effortlessly based on its price, trading volume, and other technical indicators
AA Financial News
Delivers the most updated financial news and reports around the world
AA Market Move
Instant reports of sudden movement in trading prices and volumes
Market Calendar
Calendar of corporate events, result announcements, dividend, and etc
Information on upcoming IPOs, newly listed companies, and sponsor comparison
World Indices
Benchmark indices in US, Europe, China, and other major markets
Price Alert
Get updates instantly with our price alert function when stocks meet pre-set criteria
Investment Portfolio
Real-time watch list summarizing your investment portfolio

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