Company Background

Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited currently operates 6 channels, namely Metro Finance, Metro Info, Metro Plus, Metro Finance Digital Channel and Metro Music Digital and Metro Life Digital. We are the first and only Hong Kong commercial radio broadcaster providing AM, FM and DAB services.


Metro Finance (FM 102.4 -106.3)

Metro Finance is the first 24-hour Cantonese finance radio channel in the world. Its goal is to provide the audience in Hong Kong and other parts of the world with accurate, real-time and market-moving news and important information of global financial markets. Being a breakthrough in the local radio industry, Metro Finance provides the simulcast programmes with Radio Guangdong, Shanghai Media Group and Shenzhen News Radio 89.8, to report up-to-date information of the financial markets.


Metro Info (FM 99.7 - 102.1)

Metro recognizes the growing need for information by the general public in Hong Kong and therefore pioneers to transform its FM99.7 channel to a platform encompassing entertainment, information, music and lifestyle under the new name of "Metro Info" in 2008.

Metro Info Channel is an all-in-one infotainment channel offering programmes of a wide range of varieties; including entertainment, music, lifestyle, self-enhancement, health care and parenting just to name a few. With Metro Info, accessing to information is quick and simple as a snap of fingers.


Metro Plus (AM 1044)

As Hong Kong is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the World, Metro Plus serves its listeners with the same concept. Metro Plus is not only the most sought after English station on the dial but a formidable leader as far as international sound is concerned. It is the channel of choice, speaking many languages but setting no borders.


Metro Finance Digital Channel (DAB+11)

Our broadcasting sphere is further broadened and enhanced with diversity by bringing in the element of investment education and interaction between programme hosts and listeners via new media platforms.


Metro Music Digital (DAB+12)

Music is an essential part of daily life, Metro Music Digital aims to serve listeners with high-quality music. By playing Chinese and Western songs throughout the day, Metro Music Digital brings its listeners a wonderful music experience.


Metro Life Digital (DAB+13)

The channel undertakes the mission of cultivating quality of life for listeners and at the same time putting forward the principle of knowledge-based society, by providing programmes of diversification which comprises dining, travelling, leisure, parenting, education, health, art & culture, heart & soul. Such wide range of programmes takes care of the needs of listeners from different industries and sectors.


New Media Development - Web & App

Audience can click on to and enjoy the diversified Metro programmes through real-time audio broadcast; total no. of registered members of the site is near 600,000. In addition, Metro takes the leading position in Mobile Apps development; we are one of the local broadcasters with free Mobile Apps across the most popular Smartphone platforms including iPhone, Android and iPad. The new version of Metro Finance App and Metro Music App has been launched in September, 2012. In addition, Metro Plus App has been serving the listeners starting from January 2013, it brings the best mix of cultures broadcast in their own vernacular.The Metro Finance App has been further developed into Metroradio App 4.0 in 2015.


The total no. of downloads of Metro Apps is over 3.56 million.


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