Germany's Baerbock joins chorus criticizing EU migration deal with Tunisia

23/9/2023 6:56
        German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock joined a growing chorus of critics of the European Union's new migration deal with Tunisia, saying human rights and procedural faults ruled it out as a blueprint for the future.
        Her letter to the EU executive European Commission highlights the EU's inner conflict between those pursuing ever-tougher policies to stop illegal immigration and others who emphasize humanitarian considerations and labor market gaps.
        Italy, the Netherlands and EU institutions in July signed the agreement with Tunisia, promising aid to Tunis in exchange for President Kais Saied cracking down on people smugglers and keeping a tighter lid on sea departures.
        Italy, where anti-immigration Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is locked in an uphill battle to keep her electoral promises to reduce arrivals by sea of refugees and migrants from Africa, praised the "true partnership."


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