Sensitive / Loossemble (루셈블)

派台日期: 2023-09-15  
唱片公司:Warner Music


韓國女團本月少女 LOONA組成最新小分隊Loossemble再次出發,由成員 Hyunjin、Yeojin、Gowon、Hyeju以及香港藉成員ViVi 五人組成,於9月15日推出最新EP《Loossemble》展開新的旅程!

Loossemble embarks on a new and epic journey with member of Hyunjin, Yeojin, ViVi, Gowon, Hyeju become the crew of the spaceship 'Loossemble' on a new voyage with the release of new debut EP “Loossemble” on September 15.
The title song “Sensitive” is a catchy and funky song that highlights addictive top-line melodies accompanied by groovy bass and guitar riffs. It stands out with a message of encouraging listeners to embrace their sensitivities and follow their own path.