Peru opposition lawmakers launch third impeachment attempt against Castillo

30/11/2022 12:20
        Peru opposition legislators on Tuesday presented another impeachment motion against President Pedro Castillo, the third formal attempt to oust the leftist
        leader since he took office last year, calling him morally unfit for office.
        The impeachment attempt comes amid escalating tensions between the two government branches. Castillo has said the legislature is attempting a coup d'etat against him while opposition lawmakers say he is trying to illegally shut down Congress.
        The motion was presented with the signature of 67 lawmakers out of 130. Now Peru's Congress has to decide whether to proceed to an impeachment trial. Ultimately, lawmakers would need 87 votes to remove Castillo from office.
        It was not clear when Congress, controlled by right-wing parties, would schedule a session to debate whether to accept the motion.


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