U.N. hopes water meeting can create 'rippling effect' to stave off crisis

25/3/2023 6:04
        The United Nations' first meeting on water in nearly half a century drew towards a close on Friday with hopes it would spur political momentum and fears that too little is being done to tackle chronic water stress globally.
        There is no international binding agreement for water like the one reached for climate in Paris in 2015, or framework like that established to protect nature in Montreal last year, despite dire warnings of the risks humanity faces if water is not managed better.
        Nearly 700 groups including state and local governments, non-profit groups and some companies submitted water-related plans before and during this week's conference in New York. Projects ranged from investing in "climate-smart" agriculture and wetland restoration in the Niger River basin, to mapping the
        water system in the Hague, the Netherlands.
        The U.N. will now review these plans ahead of another meeting in July, Dutch special envoy to the United Nations Henk Ovink said.


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